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New search engine donates to charities!!

Imagine if every time you searched for something on line, you earned money for your favorite charity.  With each search you launch on, about 1 cent goes to the charity of your choice.

Now you can support Faith Community Church by using  You simply log on to (instead of google or and enter Faith Community Church. The verification will come up with "Faith Community Church, Richland, PA", then go search!

The site is powered by Yahoo!, so you'll get the same quality search results that you're used to. What's unique is that they have developed a way to direct money to your charity with every click.

You can even add to your toolbar for easy access.

Then, tell all your friends, tell your friends to tell their friends and so on.  The more people who use this site, the more money will be generated for ministry.  So please spread the word to your friends and family.

Recycle your injket cartridges and used cell phones and help raise funds for ministry at the same time.

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